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Most of us would tend to get a cab or rental car after we arrived at the airport. Experts suggest that it is considered a bad practice to get a rental car at the airport. As a matter of fact, you must avoid getting a rental car at the airport or at your hotel. These two places are known to get more expensive instead of paying for the regular price only. The prices will change if you get a rental car at these places. There is no need to fret because we have here the top tips to get the best rated rent a rent a car dubai services and deals online today.


Choose to do prepay. Prepay is a very good way to get discounts. Most rent van services would put a sign on their websites about "pay later" deals. We suggest you to avoid this deal. "Pay later" schemes usually add another $20 to $30 more on the regular price. It is best to do prepay. Websites can request you to do an advance booking like the Rent a car Dubai which will allow you to get discounts from the regular price. It is an easy and decent way to get discounts while enjoying top quality vehicles for your travels.


Choose to negotiate. You can't get the best deals if you are not asking for it. It is a good practice to get them to talk to you. Make it a habit to always ask for promos, deals, and discounts whether you are talking with them over the phone, messaging on live chat, or sending an e-mail. Most rental car companies will get you these deals quick because they want to make sure that you book a rental car with them. If you think what you are paying for is pricey, try to negotiate for a better price. They will always provide you better options.


Choose to plan the trip. This is another way to get the best deals online. If you think you will need to travel 25 kilometers outside of the city, make sure to book the car rental near the border of the city. This will reduce the rate as well as the travel time. Most rental cars are measured by the distance it covered during travels. It is best to plan out your trip beforehand to get a lot more savings the next time you booked.


These tips are recommended for you especially if you are looking for the best deals online.